Look to the Future

Friday, April 9, 2010

Update........Not to much this time.

Well tomorrow is the first day i wear my uniform to school,
for those of you who don't know i am going into
baking and pastry arts.
So we will see how school in the kitchen goes.
fingers crossed, it goes well.

Well life at home got a little better
my mom understands me
made things better.
Little siblings still as bratty as ever.
but they had a fun Easter, and had fun
seeing there older brother.

We are also expecting. Kittens.
Those cute little things my sisters will
try and keep.
but will not get to because we have 5 Cats already.
I don't thing we need more.

Social Life
WOOT. I still have one.
from time to time.
Went to an awesome concert.
got to see my bestie Erin.
and a few other friends that i don't get to see as much.
Still keeping contact with my friends that live
afar. i think they need to come closer.

Well that all for now.
so Talk to you all Soon.
Thank you, for reading,

Love ,