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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Thought

Many things go through a young persons mind. The thoughts could be good or they could be bad. they could be thoughts of other people or there family or of themselves. but when a young person lives in the world today a somthing gose wrong it is mostly the bad thoughts that go though their mind and when they have these emotions , fears, and put downs by peopleand thereselves. the thought that i am talking aobout is suicide. How many teens and young people have this thought cross there mind it's probably more then you think or can even imagian and im sure you can imagian alot. But really how many times has this thougth crossed your mind? this thought crossed me one time i was going through a hard time and feeling as though nobody loved me or wanted me around. As you can probably tell i didn't go through with that thought, Instead i wrote a poem expressing how i felt and other people read this and said "it sounds depressing", i thought (well good then it's expressing how i really feel). This way of dealing with it may not be for every body, but if you know someone you can talk to then go to them or go to the one that is always there for you. If you have the tough of suicide right now don't go through with it give your self time to figure out somebody out there that loves you not only God, he dose love you and he always will no matter what. But on this earth there is someone that cares for you deeply and loves you and probably many people out there that love you and care about you and what happens to you. You might not know these people or they might be right in front of you and have told you. Go through your thoughts in your head figure out who has said the words "I Love You". Then if you do that and nobody comes to mind just wait someone will come along and tell you your life to God is worth the world You to God are worth the world every mountain every sea all the land the this earth holds God cares for you that much and you will find someone on earth that loves you.
Charlene M. Stokes

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