Look to the Future

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I can't move, i can't think i can't feel, i don't want help, I want to move, I want to think, i want to feel, i want to get help, I need to move, i need to think, i need to feel, i need to want help, But i can't, why you ask, well because, I am overworked, tired, and can't get time alone, so i feel crushed, and worthless, no body's listening, so why do i talk, nobody hears me so why be in the presence of others, so please tell me, why would i want to move, why would i want to think, why would i want to feel, why would i want to get help from anyone, anyone at all, why would i want any of these things, and why do i want to live? Because throw all the heard time's god is there, when i cry, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, or when in angry, he will always be there for me, and for you, don't worry about what you do, or what you've done, he will forgive everything... i stay because he put me here for a reason.. what that reason is i might not know yet but I'll find out someday and then i will have a purpose and, i will want to move, i will want to think, i will want to feel, i will want help from others...
Charlene M. Stoks

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