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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who Knows Me

Who Knows Me?
Who knows me? Nobody they may think they know the real me but they don't. What can i tell you that you don't know? I could probably tell you allot you don't know about me. Lets start here, I hate life. I mean besides hanging out with friends and very rearly haveing a good time at home. ok or talking to someone on the internet. Life just suck's So right now at this moment i am thinking why live? And the answer is because i am here for a reason. I may not know that reason just yet but i shall find out.. Because god did put me here for somthing even though i may not know it know i will go on living even when life can can make you work so hard you start harting it... but the reason i do not know and will fine out andi shall go on living even when i feel worthless...
Charlene M. Stokes

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